Every Now And Then

Sometimes it only takes a moment, a small event to stir up tumultuous feelings in you, the same ones, that have pushed you to want to forget. Forgive or accept what has been, and there will be no storm that you may fear.

Good Morning to anyone who leaves in GMT Time Zone! For everyone else, goodafternoonPhotoInspo 🤳🏽 captures words from images. Any image. Small thoughts to train your sight to look with your heart. Images that awaken the personal perception of the beauty that is around us, making us feel part of it 💚

HI! If you are new here, we want you to know that ‘Oblivious Gods’ comes from the notion that we are all endowed with a great power of which most of the time we are oblivious.

#oblvsgods it’s knowing and deeply believing that we all can do great things. That each of us was born with something special, a gift, and we can use these gifts to make this world a better place.

We like to think that we are all here for a reason. We all have some work to do and lives to touch. And that what will be left of you in this world, will be what you have shared with others

This is why we encourage everyone to send us anything that has a deep meaning for you. It can be a picture, a quote or a story. As long as it makes your heart beat, we’d love to post it here and on our social networks : Instagram | Pinterest | Tumblr | Twitter. Find out how here!

You can also connect with us through our hashtag #oblvsgods @oblivious.gods on Instagram, where we post many other content you won’t be able to see here! 

Hope you’ll stick with us and grow together XOXO