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What we love

  • Inspiring stories | Articles on well-being and personal growth | Poems about love, life, relationships
  • Business Articles | Essays on leadership, on creating a business | Motivational articles
  • Meaningful Pictures and Artwork
  • Essays that explain or teach any kind of thing

Life, from your point of view.

You can send us any type of article, whether it’s a story, a short essay, a poem, a photo. If you believe it can teach, inspire, or simply brighten up the day, it will still be perfect!

What to send:

  • Your name or nickname
  • The name of your site or blog, if you have one
  • Your link to one or more of your social networks
  • Your photo or Avatar or any profile picture you’d like
  • A short bio
  • A cover photo for your post

Why should I send you this info?

We want to give a “face” and a name to the content that are on our site.
Your social links, the name of your site (or blog) are tools that allow readers to get in touch with you through the channels you like the most! It’s an easier way to let people see your other content and also increase the number of your admirers! 😉 Why keep the world from seeing your light?

Why should I send my bio too?

Bio tells Who is behind the awesome published content. You can tell us about your passions, what you like to do, and why you do it. It doesn’t have to be very personal or very deep! Is a way to introduce yourself or your work to readers! It can be fun, and it can be simple, you choose how we get to know you better!

What if I’m not comfortable giving you all, or some, of this information?

We will still be proud and happy to publish everything you would like to share with us! Our intent is to create a community of (real) people who strengthen each other. Where everyone can be a source of knowledge for others. Your articles ( or whatever you decide to share) will still have the same power if you publish with all, or none, of the info we ask! If you decide to remain anonymous, we hope that one day we will have the pleasure to meet you anyway!

Please Note

If your articles, poems, essays and photos of the author are missing, we will put a featured image that best represents your written content, always respecting the content itself. Which means that for the missing author picture, we will put a standard image sideways to the author’s name. All this to stay in line with the aesthetics of the site. No content will be changed or modified.

Please before submitting your content you must read our Terms of Use / Disclaimer page

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