This is a hashtag created to give a new home to all posts that can inspire and motivate. 

It’s for those who feel they have something important to share and believe that their experiences can inspire others to make meaningful and positive actions. 

‘Because we all need a little push sometimes’ 

#oblvsgods is a way of thinking.

It’s knowing and deeply believing that we are all capable of great things. That each of us was born with something special, a gift, and we must use these gifts to impact this world. Because we are all here for a reason. We all have some work to do, lives to touch.

This may sound like a big responsibility, something that few people can do, but we actually do it every day. Who has never posted a quote to deliver a message? Who has never written a caption authentically expressing a feeling or a thought? Who has never used their work or their passions to be inspiring? Or rather, to help someone? Every single post can make a difference.

What will be left of you in this world will be what you share with others. Your soul. Your heart. 

Do you want some examples?

Here they are!

The list could be endless, you decide.

#sport_motivates people to overcome laziness and release stress by challenging their own bodies to be stronger, more flexible, healthier. It’s not only to feel good physically but also a way to train the mind to endure the stress, the pressure, to achieve a goal. Trainers train both body and mind.

#beauty_ teaches how to take care of the shell that dresses our spirit. It doesn’t only concern the enhancement of one’s features with makeup, the care of some imperfections with aesthetics, but also how to best enhance our body with clothes and accessories. It’s a way to give our eyes a taste of our outward beauty.

# music_there’s nothing to say here. The mere sound of the word already takes your mind somewhere else. You begin to visualize only by closing your eyes. It frees all that words cannot express. Music teaches you to see the world with your eyes shut.

#dance_” unlocks” the child in you. It’s joy; it’s the expression of the power of our bodies. It washes away shyness to welcome self-esteem and well being. 

#art_is the expression of the soul in the form of colors and lines. It’s to express a whole concept in a photo. Encourages us to reflect, give our meaning to what surrounds us, savor the colors, and capture moments. 

#writing_a story can boost your level of will to succeed. A poem can make you think. Writers tell the world. Some, their emotions. So that we can identify with them and feel less alone. Writing it’s free therapy and helps you get to know yourself a little better. 

#business_ motivate people to look for the right tools to start their own career. A business post can teach how to take advantage of the highs and learn from the lows.

Anyone can be a motivator, and anything can be an inspiration.


#oblvsgods, a space where people positively influence each other by simply sharing their gifts and talents.

Include #oblvgods in your social posts!

To show your soul and the most beautiful part of it.

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