Liz Murray

We often make the mistake of thinking that success is reserved for a few people, and especially for those who already have all the means at their disposal. Another common mistake is to let  our social and cultural background define ourselves. We often unconsciously think that what we have around us is what we deserve and what we are.That, is how we allow ourselves to be influenced by our circumstances, when we stop believing in ourselves, when we stop fighting for a better future. The future we deserve.

There’s planty of people who fight and win battles everyday. People who motivate, inspire, change and touch the lives of one or more human beings; who silently improve the world. No one’s story should remain unspoken. Share your story or that of someone you know, be a source of knowledge, empowerment, hope. Write us or interact with us through our hashtag #oblvsgods @oblivious.gods on Instagram!