Malcom Gladwell

Information and critical thinking is a great treasure for all of us. Our thoughts get a shake that helps us to think and see many things differently. Through independent information and conversational podcast, we can get a personal idea of the world around us. Don’t miss out his last book: “Talking to Strangers”, a powerful examination of our interactions with people we don’t know.

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Our world is full of people who fight and win battles every day. Who in their own way make their dreams, or those of others, come true. People who are changing the world are the ones who can touch even one person’s life. They create a chain reaction that could involve millions of people around the world. No one’s story should remain unspoken.Because we all experience similar situations; and it’s because some believe it impossible that they feel alone, unlucky or hopeless when they find themselves in a bad situation. It’s important that you share your story, because someone can relate and find the strength to change, the motivation to move forward and the comfort in knowing that they are not alone. Be a source of knowledge, empowerment, hopeTELL US YOUR STORY.

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