Our Valentine

Is everything going on right now testing your mental stability?

You are not getting crazy. It’s absolutely normal during these hard times.
Being unemployed out of the blue, losing contact with people around you, being alone. These conditions strain our mental balance; sometimes, we don’t even notice it because we associate mental illness with madness, with reckless and extreme gestures.

Mental illness manifests itself in other small forms that may seem irrelevant.
Headaches, the tendency to want to be alone often, not wanting to leave the house, fatigue, apathy, fear. Recognizing the symptoms in you and the people around you is something we need to learn.

But how can we blow away these gray clouds that darken our heads?

The starting point is accepting the fact that you have a problem.
Yes, “accept.” Because sometimes is hard to admit that you need help, especially for those who are emotionally independent.
Admit that you have a problem is a sign of great strength. Ignoring it could make the situation vulnerable and make you weak.
To understand the reasons or spot this malaise, ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes me sad, worried, disoriented, scared right now?
  • What do I feel?
  • What effect is it having on my behavior?
  • What effect is it having on my body?

Writing down the answers gives you a general picture of the situation. It’s also a way to release the tension and metaphorically regurgitate everything that is poisoning you right now.

Allow yourself to think about this for a few moments.

Now, it’s time to dust off and remember all the things that make you, YOU.

Moments of uncertainty know how to bring out the worst in us.
They are like the devil on the shoulder who suggests self-destructive actions and lists all the reasons why it would be better not to fight. Sometimes it can be fun to explore our dark side, but better not under these circumstances. It would be like jumping into a black hole without a parachute.

So, ask yourself what you like about yourself. Do it without too much thinking.

  • What do I like about myself? And why?
  • What have I overcome so far?
  • What is it that makes me, ME?
  • It’s also useful to remember the things we love to do outside of our routine.
  • What am I good at?
  • What would I like to learn?

Channeling energies into something that inspires you and that allows your emotions to come out is useful for shifting your attention and getting in touch with your essence. To rediscover yourself and raise your self-esteem level.

One thing that is easily overlooked is the organization of the environment around us, our home, or our office. It is proven that if you keep the space around you tidy, your mind benefits. It’s no coincidence that when we feel down or angry, all around us indicate our spiritual chaos.

Opening the windows, dusting, tidying up, and doing some healthy decluttering can become the starting point to tidy up, afterward, ourselves.

Who doesn’t like to go back to a made bed after a long day? Tidy up your head. Give yourself a peaceful refuge when thoughts go crazy in your head.

The point is that there is nothing that cannot be overcome. Mental instability doesn’t have to be a taboo, something to be ashamed of. It is understandable, anyone has to deal with psychological well-being sooner or later because: “Health isn’t just about what you eat. It’s about what you are thinking and feeling too.” (source: tweet from Motivational Quotes)

The wrongest thing you can do in these moments is to lock yourself in your world, waiting or hoping for it to pass by itself. Reality is that if we don’t express our emotions, if we don’t confront another perspective: a friend or a family member, you end up developing ideas and feelings that collide and create a non-real world in which you can get trapped. So, don’t be ashamed to ask for help, talk to people who are going through the same things you are going through, and confide in friends or family. Actually, all the questions written above could be fun to play with your fam and friend, like an alternative game night. Where everyone opens their hearts and rediscovers her/himself through the eyes of the loved ones.

The virus keeps us apart, but we are united by a strong bond that goes beyond physical contact, and that’s LOVE. And what better occasion than this one as a reminder!

We send all our love and support to anyone struggling with their mental health. Better times will soon be here. You are not alone.

This article gently touches upon the mental health problem that afflicts millions of people worldwide. Mental Health is a serious issue, and it needs to be addressed as such. Pay attention to the people around you if they have any symptoms that may indicate mental discomfort, especially the more fragile people such as children and the elderly. Reach out your hand and help them out.

  • If you decided to ask for help, read here to know how to start doing it.
  • Use this detailed questionnaire to understand if you or someone you know needs help.
  • More basic infos on mental disorders.
  • Warning signs of mental discomfort in children and adolescents.
  • Donate to the World Federation for Mental Health and support they work.