Quick Thought During A Sunday Brunch

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have endless chances?

If life were arranged in levels: the skillful you become, the more you have the opportunity to win the prize.
This discussion came after Elon Musk’s much-debated and well-known statement that we could all be in a simulation. It doesn’t seem so hard to believe in times of conspiracy and plots that revolve around the hated coronavirus.
With the hope of never waking up in a game like Jumanji, I could develop a certain ‘sympathy’ towards this new theory. After all, I was able to defeat a decent number of enemies ( flesh and bone and abstract); I jumped in different stages of life and had a fair number of chances to try again.

Should I get used to the idea of choosing between the red or blue pill (ref. The Matrix movie)? Or are the video games (their creators) that simulate an alternative vision of reality?

In video games, we are all players who crave a final prize. Leaving out the setting and the type of enemies we will face, we all start from the same level. The initial level, in which you venture into unknown territories, facing obstacles and enemies not so strong but useful to learn more about your skills and weaknesses.
In a better world, this would be the ideal scenario. Namely that everyone starts the race from the same starting line, without any kind of discrimination. But let’s move on.

Weapons. Can we metaphorize the latter in our reality?
Well, education, dedication, courage effectively fight ignorance, laziness and fear. When uttered to hurt, words become more lethal than the weapon itself. Anyway, whether the injuries are virtual or real, what matters is knowing how to take the hit and get back to play.

Perseverance and mastering skills, in fact, are those ones that will make you reach the top of the meritocracy ladder. There are tricks, but you have to know how to find them and, like learning how to copy at school, this also requires a particular skill. Mostly mental. Because you see, as in our reality, cunning, stubbornness, or any other brain capacity, lead you to handy shortcuts.

However, the beloved video game Fortnite teaches us to pay attention to those situations that seem too good to be true. They may be a vile deception drawn by enemies who aim to take what’s yours and then destroy you.

This is where decisions come into play, from which even the impartial cannot abstain because, in this case, it would still be a decision. Either you run the risk of revealing what lies behind the sudden mirage, or you ‘look and pass’ just as Dante did in Hell, listening to Virgil’s precious advice.

Yes, many times, it’s the ‘helpers’ you meet during the adventure that provide fundamental clues and useful means to continue more fluidly. In video games, they are called Non-Player Character or NPC; they are those people you meet once in a lifetime in real life.
Of them, we remember above all the feelings, the pearls of wisdom shared, or the secrets revealed. They leave us something, but they don’t stay to play with us, not like our teammates, not like our friends. Faithful and loyal companions always present, both in defeats and victories.

In many ways, life resembles a video game. We have choices; we just have to better learn how to deal with the wrong ones we took, and try again.

Oh well, it would be great to have two or three spare lives to count on, but in the end,

don’t you feel like you are ‘reborn’ when you manage to close a wrong chapter in your life?

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