Music In Few Words

You listen to it over and over. Sometimes you don’t even wait for it to end up, that you press rewind to hear it again.

It is your favorite song, the one that sets your life to music, or just one season. That makes you remember smells and relive feelings that made your heart tremble. Because music, we know, is capable of reaching the most intimate part of us.

For many, it’s about vibrations, especially for the type of music that helps you meditate or study or work, for example, almost like a science: vibrations can affect your mood based on the frequency.

What strikes me most about a song is its lyrics. The ones you sing aloud like magic mantras.
I don’t know if it ever happened to you, but sometimes, I fall in love with a song only after paying attention to the words.

It’s incredible how some songs can express in a few verses what I try to explain with so many words or describe feelings that I’m still trying to name.

Would anyone ever know how to define music?

Besides, of course, to the analysis of what it is: “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion” (source Oxford Language). I think it’s more or less like trying to define a person’s character.
One could undoubtedly deduce their nature, whether it is friendly, funny, or introverted, for example. But I believe that a more in-depth description would be different depending on the person being questioned. These different ways to describe something is because we have other relating methods. Different vibrations, diverse characters, and according to them, we perceive what and who is around us.

So it happens with music. Each of us could provide our definition through our experience with it; mine is that music can take you far away without even making you move. It’s the guardian of emotions and forgotten moments. The enchanting mermaid of my body. My form of language when I lose words.

Ok, I’m going deep now… but that’s the effect that music has on me.

How does music affect you?

Since we’re talking about music, I just got on Spotify. Here is where I have fun creating playlists based on moods. ‘Happy Forever’ is a true mood-booster, especially if you’re feeling down or just bored. ‘In my feels’ is when you need to be alone, when it’s time to deep press the Do Not Disturb icon 😉 .

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Have a great Sunday, XOXO Giorgia