The Start Of Something New

More often, I am fascinated by the different ways people communicate. I think it’s because I’ve been in close contact with nature lately. You see, I recently moved to the coast, and here, I had the chance to see all the expressiveness of nature. The sunrises, like sunsets, never have the same color; sometimes, you almost don’t notice the characteristic colors of one and the other.

There are days instead, where the sky is colored; the sea becomes the first witness of all this beauty that it reflects as if it were a mirror. Nature decides day by day what to show about itself and how to show it. And so do we. I often cross the paths of others along the beach. Forts were built with the various wood pieces that the tide brought ashore, luxurious sand castles decorated with shells, and geometric figures drawn with stones.

On the other hand, some leave promises of love drawn in the sand, words, or quotes to leave a mark. A natural, sincere, and communicative mosaic made by people who express what they have inside. Their emotions, their energy. Built instinctively, according to their own way of communicating and according to their mood.

It is fascinating and stimulating both for those who get the message through images and with those through words.

That’s why I chose to set up the site following all these different ways of communicating. To be able to communicate with any type of person and in any kind of way. 

This Sunday, I encourage you to explore your own creative side and try to communicate in a different way from what you usually do.

And if you want to, I invite you to send us everything you can create! You can share it here and found out a little more here!

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Wish you a great Sunday! Xoxo Giorgia