It’s Sunday o’Clock

I hope that everything we are going through with this Corona Virus will soon be over, that we’ll be able to look back with a feeling of relief. With a new power inside us that suggests that it was something we have been able to face, and that nothing can stop us now. 

I hope there is a new strength within us. A creative force, kindled when it was sought more, when adaptation was chased, for our survival, for our personal victory over this pandemic. I wish all of us to heal from the tremendous psychological and economic wounds that have been afflicted. 

This wants to be a cry of encouragement for anyone who reads and for me. Because when you write the words down, they stick. It’s a promise you make to yourself, a note, that sooner or later you’ll have to work on. I encourage all of you to write down what you feel, what you have felt, but above all what you wish for yourself. Your most sincere wishes and your most daring wishes, as you do when you see a shooting star 🙂  

I hope you’ve had the opportunity to experience and rediscover what you love to do. That you have found, or will find a way, to take your passions to another level. To attend classes that improve your skills and to study to learn others. 

Everything has changed; everything is changing. 

It is time to change; it is time to create something new. We have already lost our jobs, we have to lose our excuses as well. The excuse of being too tired, of not having time, of not being good enough, they can no longer stay. This is the time to dare and experiment. To learn something new and to discover what we are capable of.

Let’s not forget our minds, because that’s where it all begins. Depression, failure, fear, lack of confidence … let’s take care of our spirit so that when life punches us, we’re ready to get back on our feet quickly. We’ve said it before, nothing can ever stop us from now on. We must feed our minds with motivational speeches, with books that direct our mind towards positive thoughts, with meditation. It’s something we have to do every-single-day

As Zig Ziglar said: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” 

We need to train our minds to positive thinking every day. So I wish all of us to find the will and the liveliness to do so. We, ourselves, are the best investment to make NOW.  I wish all of us to find what we most love to do and monetize it.

We already have everything we need inside of us. It is time to believe

I know we will soon recover. Giorgia

About the Author Giorgia, Editor