Welcome Or Welcome Back(:

Hi everyone!
It’s been a while since I wrote last time!

These past months I’ve been working a lot on the project I have in mind for OG. I have explored various channels, managing to understand what might or might not work, gathering ideas to arrive at a “mother” concept, which is this site. But I don’t think this is it, the point of arrival. On the contrary, I’m sure that it will evolve other times after this one!

“We are constantly evolving.”... and since the cliché is going my way, it seems right to believe it!

But first, if it’s your first time here, I’m Giorgia, and this website is “my baby.” (:

I started this blog last year, and here is where I recounted the experiences with the various situations that life has put me on the road. I learned lessons, and I hoped they would be useful to anyone who had found themselves in one or more similar situations.
My wish was (and still is) that no one will ever feel alone. Most of the circumstances we experience have already happened in a similar way to someone else. And that, if it’s true that we all react differently, reading about how some of us have dealt with them, could inspire another to take prompt action.

I am firmly convinced that in each of us lies a unique strength. I can call it a gift, or I can call it a talent. The main point is that it allows us to get up, to move forward, leaving our exclusive footprint on the ground. This is how we complete each other, and this is how incredible things are born, from the union of many souls with different gifts.I wanted to create a place where words and images of different people come together and intertwine. A “collage” of ideas and thoughts that I hope will form a great picture one day. (You can go check the “get in touch” page if you’d like to know more about it!) (:

Hope you “old friends” like the new layout! And for the newcomers, I hope you stay and decide to follow!

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Last but not least, if you have something to suggest or ask, please do not hesitate to contact me (us)! Your feedback is vital!

See you soon! XOXO Giorgia

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